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all the way from Tunisia,tinja is now available at erth studio
Translucent Rabbit Lamp
Translucent Rabbit Lamp
1,500.00 SR

Translucent Rabbit Lamp


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Colo: White
Light Source: Light Source: 2x 4W LED Rechargeable 
Light Color: 16 colors
Light Emission: Diffused 
Cable: Pin Jack ↔ USB
Remote control: Yes
Battery Autonomy: 6h
Weight: 5 Kg (Easy to Clean)

Length 68.8CM,Width 39.5CM,Height 80CM

Sizes may differ slightly in reality.

The rabbit chair goes bright! Stefano Giovanonni designed it and immediately became a pop icon, it can be used as a light source and a chair. Sit by leaning against the ears or ride it and rest your forearms on its ears. The most authentic Qeeboo’s hat tricks!

Wireless, with a rechargeable battery, LED light, and 16 interchangeable RGB colors.