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all the way from Tunisia,tinja is now available at erth studio
Cedarwood Candle 7500gr
Cedarwood Candle 7500gr
Cedarwood Candle 7500gr
Cedarwood Candle 7500gr
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Cedarwood Candle 7500gr

Color Black

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Material: 100% natural vegetable wax.Pure cotton braided wick to guarantee a 100% clean and environmentally friendly burn.
Color: Black, White Matte, White Glossy
Mood: Peaceful

Proximate size: Top-Diameter 24cm, Height 35cm 

​​Star Gazing Cedarwood is a rich bouquet with a dominance of pine, cypress, and wormwood that quietly reveals the warm notes of sandalwood, cedar, and undertones of vanilla and musk.
Inspired by memories of the grounding scent of the Cedar Forest, where time stops at the gaze of the meteor showers through the summer skies.

Candle Care Tips:
Always place the candle on a temperature-safe surface
The first time you light a candle, let it burn long enough until the entire surface melts
It is best to trim the wick to 6mm prior to each lighting
Do not allow wick trimmings and foreign objects in the wax pool
Keep away from children, pets, curtains or flammable objects
It is recommended to burn for 3-4 hours at a time
It is preferable to it cool completely down before moving it
Do not burn all the way down, leave 6mm of wax at the bottom