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all the way from Tunisia,tinja is now available at erth studio
Natural Alabaster Candle Holder
Natural Alabaster Candle Holder
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Natural Alabaster Candle Holder


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Material: Stone Marble
Color: Natural

Proximate size:
Small Holder: Diameter 2.5cm, Height: 4cm
Medium Holder: Diameter 2.5cm, Height: 7cm
Large Holder: Diameter 2.5cm, Height: 10cm
XLare Holder: Diameter 2.5cm, Height: 14cm
Bass Size: Length 45cm, Width 14cm, Height 1.5cm

Handmade with Burgundy stoneware.
A simple design for a simple task: holding a candle.
You can get one, two, or three candles depending on how cozy you want to be.
When we have friends coming over for dinner, I like to put some everywhere in the room to have a nice warm light in the living room. ⁠
Nothing can beat the atmosphere created by candles. Nothing.