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About Érth

The story of Érth is one of appreciation, first and foremost for our culture and heritage.  Wanting to showcase these riches to the world took us on a journey of artisanal dialogue, a captivating path of creative riches that at once highlighted our unique individual offerings, yet served as a comforting reminder of how similar we truly are.  Just as our forefathers once travelled the Silk Route exchanging textiles, ideas and concepts, we at Érth have virtually wandered the world; connecting with artisans, sharing stories of our proud heritage and in return exploring the wonders of true craftsmanship and meaningful design.

What resulted was an authentic and organic collaborative effort that saw the light in Érth Studio, a sensually-curated collection of artisanal sophistication.  Tabletop and homewares, guided by our respect for the past, our understanding of the present and our aspirations for the future.  

The art of dining is one that is steeped in history,  since the most primitive of time we have gathered round to share food, a ritual that is an integral part of the human story. Through food we make friends, court partners and count our blessings.  It was only natural to share our adventures in this way; our tablescapes are our narrative, the pieces are the characters and through our process of artistic and functional design we are able to bring to life new tales, ones that enrich the dining experience. Our curations spark wonder; each item a unique conversation piece, together they create a melody that sings of beautiful design, restrained luxury and purpose. 

When you visit us at Érth and sample our wares; we hope we inspire your soul, entertain your eye and tickle your spirit. Érth is the Arabic word for heritage, and at its heart Érth Studio is a celebration of our common legacy of mindful design,  authentic craftsmanship and the elegant pursuit of truly meaningful and impactful life that is our Érth… Come wander with us.


Érth Studio is a passionately-curated selection of the world’s best artisanal tabletop and home accessories, showcasing the beauty of our diverse global heritage through superior craftsmanship and meaningful design.